Prayer Requests
At the Newark Free Will Baptist Church, We believe in the power of prayer. If you have a prayer request you would like the church to remember, feel free to fill out the Prayer Request Form. We will place the name of the person you are requesting prayer for here online and in our church bulletin, that way every person who attends the next service can say a special prayer for that specific individual.

How to fill out this form
  1. Enter Your Name 
  2. Provide your Email so we can get in touch with you (optional)
  3. Provide your Phone Number so we can get in touch with you (optional).
  4. In the ‘Message’ field, put the name of the person you are requesting prayer for. (If you are requesting prayer for yourself, simply put “Self”.) You can also provide the reason this person needs prayer. You can also provide any contact information for the person you are requesting prayer for, such as their phone or address, or room number if they are hospitalized. 
Any phone numbers, addresses or email addresses submitted through this form will be kept private.
Prayer List (as of 1/2/2020)

Those suffering with Cancer

Bill Liggett
Bob Parsons
Bryan Grove
Donna Willits
Heather King
Janet Morgan
Joyce McPeek 
Judy Taylor
Loretta Gillispie
Mandy Dheel
Martha Dean
Marvin May
Mike Rainer
Richard James

Various Needs

Arlo & Judy Hill – Health
Bailey Hayden
Becky Gough
Bob & Sharon Slatzer
Bob Davis & Family
Bobby Slatzer – Health & Salvation
Boyd & Shirley Angle & Family
Brenda Hughes – Surgery Recovery
Brian & Mandy Dheel & Family
Carol Gatten – Health
Chuck Johnson
Cory McClain
Curtis, Jan & Cohen Caldwell
David Gillispie
Dean Stevens – Health & Salvation
Debbie Teo – Health
Debra McClain & Family
Dennis & Kayrn Baker & Family
Dennis Baker Jr.
Don & Barb Ditman
Doug Stout – Health
Dreama Hughes – Health
Dwain Gress – Health
Dwight Thatcher Jr. – Health
Edwin & Mary Hughes
Elesa Reynolds
Eric Webb
Falcon Davis
Gary & Paula Salmons & Family
Glenda Amende
Griffith Hayden
Jeremy & Kristin Bird & Family
Jim Whetstone
Jimmy & Josie Montoya
Joe & Trina Brown
Joe Gillispie – Health & Salvation
Johnny Ray Davis – Health
Joyce McMannac
Judie Potts
Kathy Cottrell
Kevin Gillispie – Health & Salvation
Kim Carter – Health
Kim Demos
L. Frank Fergus
Larry Hinds & Family
Larry Tennant
Lee Wollenberg
Linda Coffman
Mark & Heidi McClain
Mark & Linda Bryant
Matt & Marie Clark
Maylee Davis
Meb Stevens
Michelle Davis
Miriam Richards – Health
Nancy Miller
Natasha Runyon
Opal Huber
Pat Kairns
Patricia Moore
Peggy Heckman
Ralph Hudson – Health
Roberta Evans & Family
Robin Barclay – Health
Robin Gress & Family
Roger Ball & Family
Skip Allan
Steve & Kathy Ramsey
Steven & Alison Hughes
Suzanne Cottrell
Taylor Jordan – Health & Unspoken 
Terry Magers
Terry Staley – Health
Tim Owens
Tom & Sandy Magers
Toni Pettet
Vickie Ford – Health
Wallace & Rachel Bryant
Zack & Audrey Ballinger


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Thank you,

Newark Free Will Baptist Church, Ladies Fellowship.